It can be sunny, windy, snowy or rainy. Whatever the weather condition is everyone should be prepared and ready. Weather is very unpredictable most especially today. Knowing the weather today and even for the next few days is a great advantage. If before you need television, radio and newspaper to know the weather forecast today is very different. You can get weather forecast even in your mobile phone. Thanks to modern technology huge disaster can be prevented. What help can a weather forecast do? With the help of weather forecast it can tell you the weather condition on your area or other places that you want to inquire. It can tell you the temperature, humidity, wind speed and if it will rain, clear sky or thunder storms. Is it easy to use? Weather forecast is easy to use. How does weather forecast work? All you need to do to get the weather forecast in your location is click the “Get my location” and in just a few seconds it will give you the weather forecasts details you need to know for the day and for next four days. Or type the location that you want to know. Choose from Celsius or Fahrenheit on what degree type to show you