Nature is usually ready for snapshots. With the right elements – the skies, lush greens, crystalline waters, and rich soil, it has all the makings of the perfect photography subject. However, photography professionals and ethusiasts know the fact that particular nature spots look best in specific weather and specific times of the day. This is why weather forecast also plays an important role in photography.

• Follow the Sun. One of the most popular photo subjects is the sun. It is pretty hard to go wrong with sunrise or sunset. However, to take the best possible photo, it is important to know the weather forecast. First, you have to know what time the sun will rise or what time the sun will set, depending upon which of the two you prefer. You have to be in the spot at least half an hour before the time of sunrise or sunset. You can incorporate the clouds that catch light from the sun, and maybe some fog or mist. • Sky is the Limit. You may want to get the weather forecast if you want to make the sky a major part of your photos. Great sky photos usually involve water wherein the sky is reflected. • Work hard, play harder. You can actually play with different weather conditions to come up with interestingly varied photos. While most people think that it is best to take photos when it is sunny, you can actually produce interesting images when it is about to rain, during a thunderstorm, or when it snows. Although sunny days definitely give you an opportunity to take bright and beautiful photos, extreme weather conditions give you opportunity to take dramatic images. Other popular subjects of this kind are rainbows, rain, and dark skies.