Not all cities are created equal even though all cities need a reliable weather forecast source. Some cities need weather forecasts for tourists, for outdoor activities, for industrial purposes, and more. Here are the top searched cities where weather forecasts are concerned:

• Perfect Paris. Paris is one of the most active cities when it comes to tourism. It is mostly because of the beautiful places as well as its kind weather which is mild most of the time. However, in some cases especially in winter, it is best to check for a reliable weather forecast first as some tourist attractions shut down in extreme weather conditions unless when you want a closer look in museum items and monuments. In winter, lines in such places are shorter. • The Big Apple. New York City is not just a popular tourist destination but it is a popular TV and film shooting location as well. However, you can experience extreme weather conditions here – freezing cold and humid and sticky. Therefore, it is very important to get weather forecase to help you in planning out your itenerary and the type of clothing that you should wear in particular days or particular week. • Darling Dubai. A precious Middle East jewel, most of people from cold places flock to the city to bask in the Arabian desert weather. Although it is expected to be hot and humid, many people still check the weather forecast to give them an idea of what’s waiting ahead. It may also help them decide whether it is OK to spend time outdoor or if it is better to stay inside the house or the hotel. The hottest months in the city are July and August.

Accurate weather forecast is indeed one of the best weapons for planning.